Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Surfing Lessons - Men of Company B AAR

This past weekend I attended the monthly meetup of the South Jersey Confederation of Wargamers. While the weather had turned down attendance, there were enough of us to get in a game of Men of Company B. 

The scenario was a search and destroy mission. The Americans would need to make their way through the table and search the villages for Low, High, and #1 priority targets. Meanwhile, the VC would need to slow the Americans down and cause as many casualties as possible.

The Americans came on with two platoons of infantry and a command element. While the commander tromped through rice paddies, the two platoons searched the villages and then hunkered down.

One group of VC appeared in a village and began recruiting villagers.

As did another group of VC on the opposite side of the table.

The Americans attempted to advance, but a failed attempt to move into a square of bamboo left them exposed.

Another unit of VC appeared at the far side of the table and recruited civilians. Meanwhile, the VC at the upper edge moved into the jungle closest to the American commander and opened fire. One stand fell, but the leader managed to escape injury.

With the game clock quickly winding down, the Americans received reinforcements - a pair of tank units that rolled onto the road. The American infantry shifted position, moving away from the VC in the woods.

A failed activation roll meant that the VC couldn't do much, apart from retreat back into the village.

The Americans advanced on a wide front, with another infantry platoon moving onto the table. An artillery strike from the American commander hammered the two VC units in the north village, killing both leaders and reducing one unit down to two stands.

The VC had another squad appear in the village behind the American's position, which failed to do any damage. The VC unit that had been reduced to two stands dissipated into the jungle.

Pushing forwards, the Americans launched an attack on the south village, managing to reduce the VC unit there by a stand, but taking two casualties in return.

The VC pulled of a daring gamble, with the two stand unit reappearing behind the Americans and launching an assault on the American command unit. The assault failed to cause any casualties, but it did chase the American commander out of cover.

The VC unit in the south village retreated, not liking their odds against the American armor units.

The Americans managed to chase the VC out of the brush with an assault. The VC lost another stand, but managed to hang on. A failed artillery strike left the Americans stranded in the center.

Unfortunately, the VC weren't able to take advantage of the American's stalled efforts. Some small arms fire was exchanged, and the VC unit in the center of the field went down to try and survive the incoming fire. 

Unfortunately, the American tanks turned and opened fire on the VC unit, wiping it out and opening up the center of the table. The American continued searching as quickly as they could, causing civilian casualties in the process with their ruthless interrogations. 

A failed attempt to shoot twice from one of the VC units ended any attempt to counter the Americans' efforts.

With the last turn, the American conducted more searches, turning up the #1 and the last High priority targets.

This was enough to give the Americans a Proper Victory, with the VC retreating in disarray.

This was my first time playing a ruleset from Peter Pig, and I had fun doing so. It definitely makes picking up some of their other games, like Square Bashing or Battles in the Age of War, an easier prospect.


  1. Fun stuff! I have a bunch of PP rules, so if you just want to check them out, LMK. You can always buy them later if you are really keen on a set. Ken Portner has a bunch of them also. Alex

  2. A good and accurate account--written and photographic. Excellent synopsis. Many thanks.