Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Chaos Dwarves vs. Orcs, League Game - Blood Bowl AAR

My second scheduled game of the league was against Mike and his Orcs.

I won the toss and chose to kick in the first half.

Mike's Black Orcs knocked my line back, pushing over most of the Chaos Dwarf Blockers.

The Dwares stood and waited, hoping they could beat the Orcs at the grind.

The Orcs pressed the attack, opening a gap in the Dwarves' defensive line.

The Bull Centaurs shifted to fill the gap.

But the Orcs didn't care, knocking down the Dwarves left and right.

The Dwarves stood again, not liking their chances to keep the stronger Black Orcs from blocking with higher dice.

Another gap opened, allowing an Orc to get through.

One Hobgoblin was able to mark the Orc, but as always happens in Blood Bowl, my Bull Centaur managed to sprint twice and then tripped and fell.

After knocking my Dwarves about, the Orc ran the ball in for a touchdown.

We reset, with the Orcs kicking off. The ball went off the table, giving the ball to the Bull Centaur.

The Dwarves plan was fairly obvious - punch through the Orcs on one side in what little time was left in the half.

The Orcs moved to block the Dwarves' drive.

The Bull Centaurs broke through, making a run for the endzone.

Unfortunately, my mind was so set on getting the score that I misplaced the Centaurs, allowing Mike to shove the ball carrier off the table, effectively ending the half.

The teams reset, with the Orcs kicking. The odd setup was aided by a Quick Snap, with the Dwarves readying a cage.

The plan was immediately derailed by a failed short pass. There was a moment where the two teams paused, looking at the dropped ball in amazement.

Thankfully, the Orcs' attempt to grab the ball failed, allowing the Dwarves to pick up the ball and form a cage.

The Orcs surrounded the cage, using their strength to force it open.

So the Hobgoblin split, getting behind the Chaos Dwarf line.

The Orcs attempt to shift the Dwarves, but couldn't get through.

A few turns of hot dice meant that the Dwarves were at an 10-7 player advantage on the pitch.

Two hobgoblins used the absence of Orc players on the pitch to make a break through a gap.

One Orc Blitzer attempted to follow, but was stopped by a Chaos Dwarf Blocker.

The Orcs tried their best to do some damage, knowing they couldn't reach the ball carrier.

One the eighth turn of the second half, the Hobgoblin ran the ball in, scoring a touchdown for the Chaos Dwarves. Mike elected to take a knee, ending the game in a 1-1 draw.

Both Mike and I ended up with a dead player (my Chaos Dwarf Blocker went from a -1 ST to Dead thanks to a particularly incompetent apothecary who is, no doubt, toiling away in the warpstone mines at this very second). Thankfully I won enough in this game to buy another player, and was lucky enough to roll a doubles on another Blocker that got MVP. With a newly formed Claw, I'm now hoping for some Guard to help win the strength game out on the pitch.

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