Friday, December 15, 2017

Chaos Dwarves vs. Skaven, League Game - Blood Bowl AAR

My next opponent was Anthony and his Skaven team. I was hoping to score some easy casualty Star Player points in this game, but Nuffle had other plans.  

Defuego chose to kick in the first half, and my Chaos Dwarves prepared to play the ball. 

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. With three turned wasted trying to pick up the ball, poor armor rolls and Defuego's Shadowing Blitzer, I was unable to break through and reach the endzone before the first half ended.

The teams reset, with the Chaos Dwarves kicking.

With the difference in Team Value, Defuego was able to hire Hakflem Skuttlespike. The purchase paid off when Hakflem was able to, with a little help from the other Skaven players, escape a 3-man mark and dodge into the endzone.

With the game 1-0 to the Skaven, I needed to sprint to the endzone to try and at least even the score.

Unfortunately, that "sprint" was again devolved into a slow crawl when I couldn't manage to clear the Skaven out of my path. The Zharr-Angkor Immortals were forced to leave the pitch in defeat, with the Skaven winning 1-0. 

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