Friday, December 22, 2017

Chaos Dwarves vs. Orcs, League Game - Blood Bowl AAR

My next league opponent was Harley and his Orc team.

The Orcs took up a long line and kicked off. A poor scatter roll meant that one of my Bull Centaurs was just given the ball.

While the Orcs focused on the scrum in the middle of the pitch, the Bull Centaur ball carrier and a Hobgoblin scrambled up the side and managed to score a touchdown with a quick hand off.

The teams set back up, with the Chaos Dwarves kicking.

The Orc drive came close to scoring, but was foiled by a charging Bull Centaur.

The Chaos Dwarves managed a decent reversal, grabbing the ball and making a break for the endzone, scoring another touchdown and ending the first half.

The teams set back up for the second half, with the Orcs receiving.

Harley decided to try out the time-honored play of throwing a ball carrying goblin past the line of scrimmage.

Which ended with both an expected result (the goblin going down) and and unexpected result (taking a Bull Centaur with him!)

Both teams scrambled to pick up the dropped ball, with the Chaos Dwarves eventually managing to get possession.

Another drive from the Bull Centaur managed a third touchdown on the last turn, ending the game 3-0 to the Chaos Dwarves.

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