Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Painting Update - Wrath of Kings

Let's take a look at what I've managed to paint since last time. 

I finished the Celestials for my Shael Han force in Wrath of Kings. These guys are awesome looking. They're something of a departure from the humans and oni-esque infantry that make up the rest of Shael Han's units, but they're still close enough in aesthetic to fit in.

I have one little quibble with the set, and it's that fact that the Leader, an Avatar of the Monkey, is actually a Chimpanzee. Chimps aren't monkeys! Ah, well.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Graveyard Rave - Strange Aeons AAR

Kevyn's Threshold team was back, having dusted themselves off from their last unfortunate encounter with the weird. 

The scenario was Retrieve the Artifacts, with four markers scattered around an old graveyard. The Threshold team would need to secure these artifacts while dealing with the Lurkers.

The night's calm was broken by the shrieking and whooping of an approaching horde of Degenerates - a local family guarding the dark secrets of the burial grounds, whipped into a frenzy by the unseen hand of the Cult of the Dying Light.

It seemed as though the task would be an easy one, as the horde's numbers were countered by the Threshold team's marksmanship. The team managed to secure three of the four artifacts.

The team leader, was set upon by a pair of degenerates, however. He took a wound, but managed to keep fighting. 

Hoping to save her leader, one of the Agents charged into the fray. However, the grisly and hideous nature of the degenerates was enough of a shock to send the agent into a catatonic state.

With no support, the team leader fell, as did the prone and unresponsive agents. It only took a moment, but suddenly the Threshold team's chance of victory suddenly looked very much in doubt. The civilian photographer was attacked and bore down by another degenerate.

The remaining Agent faced off against three of the nearly inhuman monsters. Her .22 pistol fired again and again, but the small caliber bullets weren't enough to drop the approaching Lurkers.

One of the Degenerates finally reached the Agent and bashed her over the head. A backup team from the Threshold was able to rescue the defeated agents, but not before one of their numbers had died. With another defeat, the team was told to re-equip with more weaponry and personnel. Only time would tell if this would be enough to deal with the Cult of the Dying Light's growing influence.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Snakehead Shootout - Fistful of Lead AAR

Gary, Carl and I gathered together for a game of Fistful of Lead. We decided on a variation of one of the scenarios in the book. Each of our gangs had a hidden leader. I needed to kill Gary's leader, Gary had to kill Carl's leader, and Carl had to kill my leader. So all three gangs would need to try and strike at their targets, while keeping the other gang of their back.

The scene was the old abandoned Snakehead mineshaft.

The three gangs arrived, having thought to sneak up on their target, only to be ambushed in turn!

Hot lead quickly filled the air. My gang was mostly armed with pistols compared to Gary's and Carl's rifle-equipped gangs, which meant I had more bodies but had to get closer to engage.

Carl and I savaged each other gangs while Gary's cowpunks moved to take cover by the mine's entrance.

When we realized that Gary's gang was unhurt and looking for a fight, Carl and I decided to call a truce to try and deal with the third gang.

By that point, however, it was too late. Gary's advantage in numbers and guns - along with some decent close combat rolls - saw the end of Carl's gang.

With Carl's gang out of the fight, my remaining gunslinger traded shots with Gary's last two gang members. Both sides had to retreat, however, with the coming arrival of local law enforcement.

That put victory squarely in Gary's hand, as he had managed to both kill his target while keeping his leader alive.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Run the Gauntlet - Strange Aeons AAR

Somehow, my Threshold team found themselves in danger once again. 

After investigating a disturbed graveyard, the team was ambushed by a rogue Threshold agent who had turned against the agency and had brought a number of the Cult of the Dying Light. 

The agents had to reach the opposite edge of the table and escape before the cultists could take them down.

Leading the way, the head Agent's Tommy gun tore through a cultist and the cult leader. Watching his meat shields take the brunt of the attack, the rouge Agent took aim with his .45 pistol and downed the Threshold loyalist.

Seeing her chance, one Agent managed to flee the table.

The remaining Agent exchanged close-range fire with the remaining cultist...

... and then leaped into close combat, knocking the deranged human to the ground.

Now with a clear path for escape, the Agent fled. The rogue Agent fired again and again, the bullets impacting against the mausoleums and graves but missing the loyalist.

The final Agent escapes, and the team is successful, bringing a map piece back to headquarters. The lead Agent took a major wound, unfortunately, and became a Brain Case - fearless, but unable to learn or cast spells.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Painting Update - SW:A, ADLG

Here's what I've been working on since the last update. 

This group of Harlequins was my original choice for a kill team when the local gaming group started a Shadow War campaign in anticipation of Warhammer 40,000's 8th Edition, as I only needed a single box of miniatures. The team is headed by a Troupe Leader, backed up by a pair of Virutosos and three Players (or Mimes, the less experienced versions). I also picked up a Death Jester, who helped cover a couple of the Harlequins weaknesses - a lack of long range and large blast templates.

Of course, after a couple weeks, the group realized that the Harlequins seemed far too powerful, and so they were put on the sidelines in favor of an Ork mob.

I've also been working on a Free Company force for L'Art de la Guerre. This is the general's command - heavy knights supported by a couple units of light infantry with crossbows. The light infantry can move as quickly as the knights, so they're useful for covering and attacking flanks in combat.

The second command is comprised of heavy infantry - foot knights and halberdiers. The javelin-armed light infantry provide cover from shooting for the unarmored halberdiers, and can act as flank support in combat.

The third command is the smallest and comprises the ranged elements in the force. These English Longbowmen are Elite and reduce the protection of units they're shooting. They're not great in combat, however, so this is a command that will need to keep away from the enemy or place them in terrain that will offer some bonuses.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Camel Dervish - ADLG AAR

This past weekend I took a trip over to On Military Matters to play a game of ADLG with Dennis, the store's owner. 

Dennis' Sumerians won the initiative roll and elected to attack. My Free Company had three commands consisting of knights, heavy swordsmen, and longbowmen. The Sumerian commands had camel-mounted archers, heavy spearmen, and a mixed group of heavy chariots and medium spearmen.

Both sides advanced. The camels got within bow range of the knights and managed a few hits.

As the infantry stand off, the knights continued to chase after the camels.

Here's where I think I made a mistake (apart from, as usual, deployment) - I took a turn to try and rally the disorder from the knights instead of moving after the camels. This gave Dennis the opportunity to move some infantry from the middle command over and threaten the knights, drawing one of them off.

The knights kicked their mounts back into motion, leaving one unit behind to be swarmed by Sumerian spearmen.

The camels, forced to the edge of the table, split into two groups, forcing the knights to split up. Tired of waiting, the Free Company's heavy infantry started to advanced on the Sumerian infantry.

Unfortunately, the camels were able to take the knights apart with support from the diverted infantry. The Sumerian heavy infantry turned and retreated, along with the chariots, as the medium infantry moved into the flanks of the longbowmen.

At this point, I conceded. I was more than halfway to my breakpoint, and I knew that my own heavy infantry wouldn't get into combat before Dennis would be able to chew up my longbowmen with his medium infantry and chariots.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Oh, Shiny! - Strange Aeons AAR

Following last week's game, Kevyn and I switched sides. We rolled for the scenario and got Treasure Hunt.

In a strangely familiar shantytown in Somewhere Else, USA, another Threshhold team was searching for a powerful artifact that someone had tipped them off about. But a sect of the Cult of the Dying Light was in the area, also looking for the treasure.

The Threshold Team was led by a Character with two Agents, while the Lurkers had a Cult Leader and three Cultists (although one had a battleaxe and light armor).

Both sides spent their first turns hunkered down, waiting until they could start searching in earnest (at the start of Turn 3).

Kevyn attempted to sneak his battleaxe wielding cultist into charge range. But one of the Threshold Agent's wasn't going to sit by and wait, so she ran out and gave the cultists both barrels of her shotgun, blowing the Lurker into grisly chunks.

Both sides were searching desperately as shots rang out.

One cultist charge the shotgun-wielding Agent, not realizing that she was as handy with a knife as she was with a firearm.

It was one of the Cultists who finally found the treasure, eliciting a cry of triumph from the Cult Leader. The Threshold Agents rushed forward, not willing to let the cultists get away with the objective.

The Threshold Character opened fire with his Tommy Gun, downing the cultist carrying the Treasure.

The Threshold team's assault pays off, with the Cult Leader and the remaining Cultist cut down.

Victorious, the Threshold Agents return with the Treasure, which turns out to be a Ring of Power. They also recover a Map Piece.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Shantytown Massacre - Strange Aeons AAR

After discovering last week that Kevyn had made a rather substantial purchase of Strange Aeons miniatures, we decided to get around to playing the game (also helping with my 6x6 challenge). We both created Threshold Lists, which we'll play while alternating control of the Lurkers. 

Kevyn offered to lead his Threshold team into the fray, and we rolled Fight for the scenario. We set the table up as a ramshackle shanty town in Nowhere, USA, where a cult had set itself up and created a ritual site.

Kevyn's Threshold team consisted of a Character, two Agents, and a Civilian. The Lurkers were members of the Cult of the Dying Light, with a Cult Leader, five cultists, and an Ancient Warrior that the cult had resurrected.

The goal of the scenario was simple - kill the other side!

The Cult Leader, covered by two .22 pistol wielding followers, advanced behind the shambling Ancient Warrior. Due to it's skeletal frame and unnatural physicality, the undead monstrosity shrugged off the Threshold team's bullets.

The Ancient Warrior lurched into contact with one of the Threshold Agents, who managed to pass her Resolve test to withstand the fear-inducing Lurker.

But the Ancient Warrior's claws made quick work of the Agent. Her companion, unable to stand the sight of flayed and brutalized flesh and bone, fell to the ground, catatonic.

The Threshold Character, cursing his bad luck, hunkered behind a fence and fired his .45 at the Ancient Warrior. Ignoring the bullets, the undead Lurker attacked the catatonic Agent, removing her from play.

Finally, the .45's hollowpoint round managed to connect, tearing the monster to shreds.

But now the Threshold Character had to deal with the remaining cultists.

One cultist's advance put him within charge range of the Threshold Character, and the government agent leaped onto the servant of darkness, cutting him down with his knife.

Unwilling to close, the remaining cultists (not counting those who never got beyond their starting positions) starting to shoot at the Character.

After several rounds of shooting, the Character caught a bullet and fell. The remaining member of the Threshold team - a mere Civilian - decided to run for it.

The Threshold team retreated and treated their wounded, while the Cult of the Dying Light went back to their dark machinations. Only time would tell if the Threshold could put a stop to their nefarious plans...