Friday, December 29, 2017

Chaos Dwarves vs. Humans, League Game - Blood Bowl AAR

My opponent for this match was Jolene, who entered the league late with her Human team. As such, her Team Value was far less than mine. But the difference in Petty Cash allowed her to fire the legendary Griff Oberwald for her team. 

Jolene won the toss off and elected to receive in the first half.

While I did managed to stop Jolene's drive and recover the ball, the resulting scrum caught up the slow moving Chaos Dwarves, and the first half ended with neither team managing to score.

The second half opened with the Humans kicking. I sent the ball up the pitch with the two Bull Centaurs, who managed to reach the endzone and score a touchdown. 

Unfortunately, I let my guard down, thinking that Jolene couldn't make it through my defense to score in the remaining turns left. She (and Griff) proved otherwise. Though I managed to knock down the famous Star Player with a charge from a Bull Centaur, an escorting - and unmarked - Lineman caught the dropped ball and ran it in for a turn 16 touchdown, ending the game in a tie. 

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