Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Matter of Honor - Test of Honour AAR

One of the local shops in the area I've recently moved to has begun hosting a weekly Test of Honour night. Estactic that I would get a chance to bring out the Perry miniatures I'd been working on. 

The initial night saw six players using 12 point warbands in teams of two. I teamed up with Sam, Bill with Jolene, and Kai with Harley. The objective was simple - the side with the last samurai standing would be the victor. 

The table was fairly open, with one side starting across a fast moving river that needed a successful Test of Agility to be crossed.

The warbands continued to maneuver. The samurai, having three actions to the commoner's on, were able to quickly leave their ashigaru behind - a strategy that, I quickly learned, would not have good results.

My samurai was the first to be killed, after jumping into the maw of the mixed warbands of the Bill and Jolene. Sam decided to retreat for the moment, after narrowly avoiding attacks from all three of the Kai's and Harley's samurai.

As Sam managed to chop down Kai's Samurai, I was forced to sit back and wait, unable to draw any commoner tokens necessary to activate my ashigaru.

Finally, Sam's samurai was cut down after attempting to rescue my forces, and our commoners fled the table. The battle petered out between the two remaining sides of the battle, their warriors too tired to go charging across the field to attempt a renewed assault.

The group had a fun time, and this big opening battle helped us learn the rules of the game. While it did have the time-tested problem of playing a three-sided game (one side will always end up in a two front war, and we all know how that turns out) and Test of Honour's token based activation kind of breaks down when you've got six players individually adding in and drawing out, I'm looking forward to starting up a campaign.

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