Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Granny and the Gang - Fistful of Lead AAR

Kevyn and I decided to dust off our cowboy boots and ten-gallon hats for a game of Fistful of Lead. 

The scenario saw both sides with four bags of loot. At the end of the game (6 turns), the player who controlled the most loot tokens would claim victory.

Additionally, every time a player used an Ace card, they would then roll a close combat attack against an unactivated enemy model. If successful, the enemy model would be pinned - representing an unseen danger, like a perturbed rattlesnake or falling chunk of building material from a rickety building.

Both sides had the same makeup - one model with a rifle, two with shotguns, and three with pistols.

For the first turn, both sides moved up towards the center. The riflemen on both sides opened fire, but couldn't hit their targets at long range.

Most of the gunslinging ocurred between the bank and the saloon, with one of my gunmen falling first.

A lucky shot on my managed downed Granny's granddaughter, but retribution from Kevyn's gang was swift.

The firefight started to look more like a execution detail as my posse was downed one by one.

Soon, only my rifleman was left, while Kevyn still had five of his six gang members.

Granny and her gunmen made off with a solid victory, scoring 6-2.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Hunters, Hunted - Strange Aeons AAR

Out in the middle of Nowhere, USA, there have been reports of strange rock formations and unexplained disappearances. Kevyn's Threshold team, newly equipped and reinforced after their last mission, were sent to investigate. 

They stumbled upon an ancient, pre-human ruin, only to discover that whatever the tomb once held had escaped!

The scenario for this game was Monster Hunt, and I decided to use a Formless Thing for the lone Lurker. To meet Kevyn's Threshold list, I decided to make this Lurker a powerhouse with five additional skills: Dodge (5+ shooting save), Duck (+1 to cover saves and a 6+ cover save), Sprint (if spending two actions to move, add +2 inches to movement), Tough (-2 to rolls on the Injury Table), and Burly (increases Constitution from 6/8 to 7/9).

The game started with the Formless Thing oozing around the ruins and using its pseudopods to pull a Threshold Agent into close combat. A round of combat put the Agent on the ground, face down.

Armed with only a knife, the Agent managed to scramble away from the twisting mass of mouths and tentacles.

But the Formless Thing hungered for the flesh of humans.

And so the Agent was consumed.

Seeing their comrade fall to the monstrous mass of flesh, the other Agents opened fire. The Character Agent's .45 with hollow-point bullets managed to piece the Formless Thing's flesh, causing a wound (one down, three to go!).

Still hungry, the Formless Thing crawled over to the other Agents, who not only managed to stay sane in the Thing's presence, but managed to fight it off before retreating. 

Another round of shooting saw a second wound removed from the Lurker.

Seeking easier prey, the Formless Thing went after the lone Civilian photographer that had accompanied the Threshold team.

But the Threshold Agents, brave to a fault, leaped into action to protect the Civilian.

The Character Agent paid the price for his initiative and was thrown aside by the Formless Thing's flailing pseudopods. The remaining members of the Team decided to retreat, realizing that their chances of defeating the Formless Thing without the Character Agent's gun was nearly impossible.

Strangely, they found the consumed Agent the next day, wandering down a stretch of desolate highway, covered in dried goo and suffering from amnesia, unable to recall the events of the previous day.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Painting Update - Test of Honour, ADLG

With no games played this past week or so, I've managed to get some painting done. 

My focus right now is completing two warbands for Test of Honour. The two forces are commanded by a pair of brothers - Jiro and Saburo - after the death of their older brother and warlord, Taro. Both wish to take the place of their brother, and suspect the other of having killed their elder sibling.

These ashigaru are loyal to Jiro. There's three groups of spearmen, one of archers, and one of muskets.

I've also painted a pair of unarmored samurai for Test of Honour. One is the special pre-order miniature that Warlord made for the game, and the other is Oda Nobunaga from North Star's "Giants in Miniature" line.

The last piece is a camp for my Free Company force in L'Art de la Guerre - the last piece needed to play the game, apart from terrain.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Jungle Fever - Congo AAR

Thanks to the diverse interests of the group I game with, and their willingness to buy into and playing new games, there's always something new on the table. Carl and Gary have apparently gotten lost in the wilds of Africa with an interest in Congo, a game from Studio Tomahawk, the same studio that created Saga and Muskets & Tomahawks. They've been trying to set up a demo game for me. 

I arrived at the game after the first turn, which both sides had used to move forward. The scenario was a fight between two pygmy tribes, with each trying to capture the large "Tree of Life" in the middle of the table.

My tribesmen managed to reach the tree first, setting up a defensive line after slaughtering a number of enemy archers. Gary's tribe moved up, with his Witch Doctor attempting to call on the spirits of the jungle. Something went wrong, however, and a freak bolt of lightning from a clear sky turned the spellcaster into a pile of charred flesh.

A group of cannibals who were allied with the enemy pygmies, done snacking on the fried pygmy Witch Doctor, attempted to rip and tear into the archers protecting the tree. But a poor set of dice rolls meant that the archers were only chased off a short distance. My tribe retaliated with a volley of arrows and assegai, reducing the cannibals to a single man. Gary's pygmy king led a charge against my own king, decisively winning the combat.

Gary's king cut down my own and turned his men towards the tree. Arrows and assegai flew through the air, but couldn't manage to hit their targets.

The game ended with Gary's king and his accompanying warriors defeated, and the tree secured in the hands of my tribe. 

Congo has an interesting mix of card usage for activations and bonuses and various types of dice to represent a unit's skill with certain actions. I'm looking forward to seeing how the game handles the European and Arab groups, who can bring muskets and rifles to the table.