Wednesday, December 27, 2017

This Is My Swamp! - Test of Honour AAR

Last week saw the proper start of the local Test of Honour campaign. Four players were able to attend. After declaring whether we were for the Emperor or supported Tokugawa's bid for power, and rolling our territories, we set up our games and played. 

My opponent was Kai and Lord Edo, who supported the Emperor. Lord Jiro led my warband for Tokugawa. Our terrain was a swamp, with the darker area acting as rough terrain.

I thought this would push the fighting in the center of the table, but Kai had other plans.

Our warbands, entering from the opposite ends of the road, made slow progress in the first turn.

Both of Kai's samurai decided to try something tricky, and decided to get their feet dirty in the muck.

I had to shift my spear ashigaru to face the oncoming samurai, who could easily wipe out the commoners on their own. I did manage to score a light wound with a musket-armed ashigaru.

With blades flashing, Jiro and Edo engaged in combat. The fight ended as quickly as it had begun, with Edo falling to the muck and Jiro triumphant. But there was still Edo's second-in-command, who retreated after seeing his lord cut down.

As the ashigaru engaged below, the two remaining samurai exchanged blows atop the rocky outcropping.

It was Jiro that emerged victorious, and Edo's remaining followers fled the field of battle without a samurai to direct them.

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