Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Painting Update - Blood Bowl, Test of Honour, DBA

Recent changes in location have made painting a little more difficult, but I'm still trying!

I finished another Blood Bowl team - the Zharr-Angkor Immortals! These miniatures are from an Impact Miniature kickstarter that produced resin versions of Rolljordan Volmarian Dwarves and Necromantic teams.

I also finished the rest of my Test of Honour warband. Since I have a group to play with now, I shifted a group of archers from the other planned (and now unnecessary) warband into the one I'm using now. I also completed all the support commoners - the two sergeant types, a bannerman and a musician - and four samurai with a variety of weapons.

Another project that I finally wrapped up was an Ancient British army for DBA. This is the old Corvus Belli set that I picked up a couple years ago at Fire in the East (NJ Con). Since DBA is one of my 6x6 games for this year, I'm making an effort to get all of the armies I have for it painted. Their opponents are an Early Imperial Roman army from Rebel Minis.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Blood Bowl League, Post Season Analysis

The Blood Bowl league at Aetherstorm Gaming came to a close recently. So here's a look at the Zharr-Angkor Immortals, a Chaos Dwarf team, at the end of the season. 

The team ended with 9 wins, 2 draws, and 3 losses. It wasn't enough to score them the top spot, but enough to place them high in the league's standings.

The overall idea for each of the team's positionals are pretty obvious. The Chaos Dwarf Blockers took the brunt of the fighting, which was made easier thanks to judicious amounts of Mighty Blow and Guard (and one Claw, which was the first skill roll I made for the team!). The Bull Centaurs did most of the legwork, scoring touchdowns and dealing out the pain. And the Hobgoblins, while not spectacular, helped to add a little variety to the team with a more diverse range of skills.

I had fun with the Chaos Dwarves. They're a team that can developed into a really nasty bash team, but still have some vulnerabilties that other teams can exploit; chiefly, their lack of ball handling skills and the squishy Hobgoblins.

I'll be moving on to another team for whatever league I participate in next; maybe Undead, or Underworld for a real change-up.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What's "Brains" in Russian? - Konflikt 47 AAR

Apparently, it's мозги.

Sam put on a game of Konflikt 47 at this month's meeting of the South Jersey Wargamers Association.

The mission was a prison break. The US force, consisting of veteran Rangers and airborne infantry with mech support, needed to liberate a number of Russian POWs from a German prison camp.

The Germans needed to hold the Americans off until reinforcements could arrive.

As the Germans waited in ambush, the Americans moved up the board, their airborne infantry and mechs leapfrogging over the terrain to each the open field.

Both sides exchanged fire as the Americans reached the final bit of cover before the camp. A squad of Firefly jump infantry ducked behind a sandbag emplacement after its previous occupants had been chased off, as the mechs behind them poured fire into the German positions.

While it seemed as though the Germans were reeling from the attack, the sudden arrival of their mechanized reinforcements halted the American's momentum. Another squad of jump troopers were wiped out by a massive squad of assault rifle-armed German infantry, who were in turned shredded by the American Rangers. A pair of Spinnes flitted onto the table, opening fire with their flak guns and flamethrower. And the American's M4A9-T Sherman was forced back to avoid a squad of panzerfaust wielding grenadiers.

The biggest surpise came when an advance squad of Fireflies landed in the prison, hoping to secure the POWs. The rest of the American force then watched in horror as the POWs, having been turned into zombies, poured out of the camp buildings and tore the airborne infantry to pieces. 

Demoralized, the Americans called for a retreat, as the Germans attempted to herd the horde of undead back into their pens.

Sam put on a great game, and had even gone as fair to create a few custom squads to represent the Rangers, who conisted of miniatures from Dust and fit in fairly well with the rest of the K47 aesthetic.