Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Cold Wars Theme Event, Game 2 - DBA AAR

The second game of the Themed Event was against Mike G and his Later Sassanid Persians.

Finally, someone else managed to win the initiative roll, and so I became the defender. I chose two gentle hills, two brush, and a BUA.

Unfortunately, due to the BUA's location, I was unable to deploy my full line, which caused a couple traffic jams as Mike's army approached.

With a lucky roll for pips, however, I was able to get most of my own units up and ready for combat. Mike's movement stopped just short of combat.

Then, with a resounding crash of metal, men, and mounts, the two battlelines smashed into each other. With so many combats, Mike and I decided it was likely that this turn would be the last.

And as it turned out, it was! While Mike was able to knock out two of my units, I took out four of his, and so won 4-2.

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