Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Cold Wars Open Event, Game 3 - DBA AAR

My third game in the Open Even was against Mike G, the event organizer, and his Qaramita. This brought back memories from last year, when Chris and I played in a double tournament for ADLG using the Ancient Bedouins, with our goal being to get as many camels on the table as possible.

Once again, I won the roll for attacker and Mike set up the table. He placed down three dunes and a difficult hill.

I could only watch as the massive line of camels came towards me, completely unhindered by the dunes.

I was basically stuck trying to fight three battles - one in the center, and two in each of the dunes. Thanks to the distances between the dunes, I was overlapped in multiple places and lost a stand of auxilia.

I then lost a unit of cavalry, which left my general exposed.

While I managed to get another unit of cavalry up to support my general, Mike began to turn my left flank, removing another stand of auxilia.

And, finally, Mike caused another of my cavalry units to rout, ending the game with a solid 4-0 victory to the Qarmatians.

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