Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cold Wars Theme Event, Game 3 - DBA AAR

The final game of the Themed Event was against Mike D and his loaned Middle Frankish. 

Mike won the roll for attacker, and so I placed two gentle hills, a brush, and a river.

Of course, Mike chose to invade on the opposite side parallel to the river, so I decided to slowly send a psiloi around my force to see what the river was.

With a bit of scouting, the psiloi discovered that the river was paltry and wouldn't offer any protection, so the Avars finally got themselves moving.

Of course, my delaying allowed Mike enough time to prepare his lines. In hindsight, I should have gotten across the river and charged Mike's slower infantry force when his army was still condensed.

This meant that when my Avars went in, it wasn't going to go well for me in terms of match-ups - as it turns out, Cavalry and Auxilia don't do so well against Knights and Spears. In the first round of combat I lost two units.

While I was able to sack Mike's camp (as he was too focused on the battle in the center of the table), my line continued to break up, as I lost another auxilia.

I took out another unit, but Mike had a crushing round of combat, routing multiple units from the battlefield. Victory went to the Franks, 6-2.

And that conclude all the AARs from Cold Wars (about a month and a half after it ended). I really appreciated all these games, which were quite enjoyable, thanks in no small part to my opponents! I'm looking forward to getting more games of DBA on the table, especially since I have a couple of paired sets of armies that should work well against each other.

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