Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Cold Wars Open Event, Game 4 - DBA AAR

In the last game of the Open Event, I faced Mike D and his Warring States Chinese again. 

As the attacker, I watched as Mike placed down two plough, two difficult hills, and a river. I decided to set up so that the river would split our armies in two.

Both sides advances cautiously, now aware of the other's capabilities after the result of the first game.

I decided to push on the right, hoping I had the advantage against Mike's troops. However, I only managed to recoil his line.

On the next turn, I swung my main line into battle, and removed one of Mike's crossbowmen.

While our lines pushed and shoved each other, Mike removed an auxilia from my right.

In one desperate push, the game ended. I lost a light horse and a cavalry from my right flank. On my left, however, I not only managed to sack Mike's camp, but I also killed his general, a unit of blades, and a unit of light horse. The Avars secured their first victory, 6-3.

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