Friday, April 13, 2018

Training Match - Arena Rex AAR

Earlier this week I brought out Arena Rex to demo with Bill.

I let Bill chose two Cohorts of three fighters from my Ludus Magnus collection, and then let him pick which group he'd like to play in the game. 

Bill ended up with Otho Mentulus, Marcus Furius, and Viatrix, while I had Hermes, Tribune, and Urbicus. 

The game was a simple fight to the death - whoever had the last fighters standing would claim victory.

I set up four marble columns as hazards, and two pits as lethal hazards.

Both Cohorts advanced across the sands as the crowd cheered and roared in anticipation.

First blood went to Bill, and Otho managed to quickly cut down Tribune with a few savage strokes of his sword. The other members of our cohorts fought dangerously close to the edge of a pit.

Urbicus cut down Marcus Furious, but was quickly confronted by Otho.

Unfortunately, Otho's engagement meant that both my gladiators were unable to use their Favor, and so Hermes was eventually whittle down and removed from the fight.

However, Urbicus managed to get a decent enough attack in so that he could shove Otho into the pit. Suddenly it was just down to the two remaining fighters, and Urbicus was exhausted.

Viatrix delivered a brutal final blow to the opposing gladiator, leaving her alone on the blood soaked sand. 

It was good to bring Arena Rex out again. It's a light yet complex set of rules, and even a small game with three gladiators aside has a lot of moving parts. I'm hoping to get it to the table more often. 

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