Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cold Wars Theme Event, Game 1 - DBA AAR

On the morning of my second day at Cold Wars 2018, I took part in a Themed Event for DBA, based around the Early Byzantines and their enemies. As I had the previous day, I used the III/13b Avars list, with its mix of Cavalry, Light Horse, Auxilia, and Psiloi. 

My first opponent was Nick and his Italian Ostrogoths. 

Nick placed two plough, an enclosure (the green field), and a wood on the table.

While my line shuffled forward, Nick used his pips to maneuver his knights from column to line. I decided to try and reach Nick's camp with my two light horse for an early victory point.

That, however, turned out to be a terrible idea, as Nick was able to simply force both units of the table with his psiloi.

The shooting from the Ostrogoths was then able to break my line into unmanageable chunks, and a poor combat saw one of my cavalry units fall to an opposing unit of knights.

The game ended when Nick was able to overlap my cavalry, removing a unit from the table and winning 4-0. Apparently I hadn't learned much from the previous day!

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