Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Far Ost - Konflikt 47 AAR

Most of the time, I choose what games I want to get into. It's a list that's mostly tempered by time and money - with limited amounts of both, I can't play every ruleset or buy and paint every miniature I'd like to. 

Sometimes, however, opportunities fall into my lap. Like, for example, Konflikt 47. While I had spoken about 28mm WWII earlier this month, I hadn't expected K47 to be the game of choice. Bill, the owner of Half Day Studio made the decision somewhat easy. In return for receiving a free starter set of my choice, I'm to run demos and help push the game in the community. 

Since Bill already owned a small American force, I decided to pick up the Germans. After few weekday nights assembling models, Bill and I played a 500 point game. 

As we were playing on a Test of Honour board, we decided that the battle was taking place somewhere in Burma, with the Americans facing off against Kampfgruppe Fernost.

Bill's American consisted of a captain with a bodyguard, two 5-man infantry squads, 5-man heavy infantry squad, and a Coyote light walker.

My Germans had a 2nd lieutenant, two 9-man infantry squads, a 7-corpse Totenkorps squad, and a Spinne light walker.

The mission required both sides to create a first wave, and then bring the rest of their units on as reinforcements. Bill decided to keep his heavy infantry in reserve, while I kept an infantry squad behind. Both sides spent the the first turn running forward, hoping to get into an advantageous position.

Both Bill and my reserve squads came on to shore up our flanks. My Spinne managed to pin an American infantry squad without doing any damaged, then ducked out of the way with a recce move when it started to receive return fire.

The Coyote mangled my Totenkorps squad with successive rounds of combat, as the zombies had no hope of getting through the walker's armor. However, the delay meant that my Spinne could advance and fire its light anti-tank gun at the American walker. A glancing blow managed to ignite the remains of a dried-out corpse that had gotten stuck in the Coyote's gear, and the flames caused the crew to panic and abandon their vehicle.

Meanwhile, the German squad at the wall was laying down a withering hail of fire at the Americans, who were forced to advance in the open.

The firefight continued with the American infantry suffering more casualties from the German squad behind cover. However, the American heavy infantry squad had finally reached the battle and opened up with their assault rifles at the German squad that hadn't managed to reach wall yet. The American captain and his assistant bravely decided to flank the Spinne and opened fire, adding a pin marker to the mech.

The advancing American heavy infantry's fire was too much for the damaged German squad, and they fled after taking another beating. The German officer, realizing his position was compromised, called for a retreat, and the Germans surrendered the wall to the Americans. However, the retreating German infantry managed to draw a bead on the American captain and opened fire, downing both men.

With the American heavy infantry the only effective squad left, they charged the Spinne light walker. However, the mech's recce ability allowed it to move out of the way, leaving the heavy infantry out in the open. The Spinne opened up with its anti-aircraft gun, downing a heavy infantryman.

Bill rolled to see if this would be the last turn, but cleared the target.

This last turn saw the American heavy infantry attempt to charge again, but the Spinne continued to scuttle away. While both of the panzerfausts in the German infantry squad missed, the weigh of fire from the German light weapons and the mech's anti-aircraft gun was enough to bring down another two of the power armored infantry.

Tallying up the victory points gave the Germans a solid victory.

Bill and I found the Konflikt 47 rules to be fun, providing a quick-playing game (despite our constant checking of rulebooks) that was fairly brutal. I'm looking forward to playing at a higher point level, especially because it'll allow me to bring more Rift-tech units, like the Panzer IV X, Fallschirmjager Falcons, and SS Shocktroopers.


  1. I was interested to see what you thought of Konflict '47. I'm glad you had fun! I have the rules and am working on a Konflict '20 WW1 / RCW variant.

    How did you do initiative - per the rules or alternating?


    1. Per the rules, which seemed to work pretty well. We never knew how the game's momentum would swing, but you could also mitigate a lower chance to have your dice drawn by removing Ambush or Down dice left on the table.