Friday, January 19, 2018

Chaos Dwarves vs. Skaven, League Game - Blood Bowl AAR

This game was against Anthony and his Skaven. 

Having won the toss off, Anthony elected to kick and set the ball deep into the Dwarves' half using his Kick Linerat.

However, the Sure Hands Hobgoblin was able to pass the ball to a Bull Centaur, who blasted past the rats for a touchdown.

The team set up and the Dwarves kicked, managing to get a Blitz.

Anthony managed to exploit my overaggressive play, but couldn't get far enough before his ball carrier was swamp and stalled. The Dwarves managed to regain possession of the ball as the half ended.

With the start of the second half, the Dwarves kicked off against a severely reduced Skaven team (which was already fielding a journeyman to cover for a couple missing players).

A failed dodge by a Linerat meant that the ball was exposed.

The Dwarves managed to take advantage of the turnover and overpowered the outnumbered Skaven as another touchdown was scored by a Bull Centaur.

With only a few turns left (and only a few players left), the Skaven received the ball.

Anthony attempted an ambitious play that might have netted him a touchdown had it worked. Unfortunately, the gambit failed, and the game ended with only three rats left on the field and a 2-0 victory for the Immortals.

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