Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Ghosts in the Ruins - Test of Honour AAR

Last week's game of Test of Honour was against Bill and Lady Yoshikira. 

The table was set up as the burnt down ruins of a town after a battle.

Both sides needed to search the ruins for supplies and wounded comrades. When discovered, those points would then become objectives that needed to be held to the end of the game.

There was a catch, however. If a unit failed a search, then the ghosts of the slain villagers (or a crafty ninja using smoke and mirrors) would rise up and scare away the unit if it failed a Test of Nerves.

Both sides managed to call up the unquiet spirits. While my samurai managed to regain his nerves and chase away the supernatural interloper, Lady Yoshikira and her warband decided to press on for the objectives further into the ruins.

Both sides advanced into the ruins, with Bill's ninjas taking up the flanks.

Lord Jiro managed to slip around the side and slay a lurking ninja, while Lady Yoshikira and commoners from both sides clashed in the middle of the village.

I managed to clear the flanks with my two samurai, chopping down Bill's commoners left and right. Bill, however, wasn't going to let me off the hook so easily, and Lady Yoshikira quickly carved up two of the three ashigaru in a group. 

Lady Yoshikira then went on to skewer my musketman and engage my second spear ashigaru group. While Lord Jiro returned from dispatching a ninja archer, my other samurai engaged the spear ashigaru unit holding the center objective.

Commoners on both sides were busy attempting to avoid the flashing blades of their enemies.

The game ended on turn six, with my warband in control of two objectives, just beating out Bill and his single objective.

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