Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Right Under Your Nose - Test of Honour AAR

In my second campaign game for Test of Honour, I faced Sam and General Li. 

With our 15 point forces, we needed to search three treasure tokens and eliminate the other player's samurai.

Both sides advanced. My Experience Bowmen attempted to search, but failed - and continued to do so for every single turn of the game, effectively giving Sam a 3 point advantage.

Both sides crept forward, wary of the bow-armed commoners that both samurai brought with them.

After a couple more turns of movement, the warbands finally closed the distance, with Jiro and a spearmen group taking blood tokens.

However, Sam and I discovered that it can be rather hard to do anything in Test of Honour if you fail to roll at least three Swords during dice rolls.

I finally managed to draw first blood (not counting the blood tokens) by eliminating Sam's sergeant.

Finally, General Li failed an Evasion Roll (after about half a dozen attacks from Jiro), and was cut down. Victory went to the Shogunate!

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