Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Twilight and Trickery - Test of Honour AAR

With two campaign days of Test of Honour under our obi, Bill wanted to add something to our games, and introduced the Darkness and Deceit rules. Each table would be playing a different scenario. 

Harley was my opponent, and we were playing the Sudden Attack scenario with the rules for Darkness and Unaware opponents. Harley's ronin warband (with an accompanying ninja) started at the edge of the table. My own warband started in the middle, but would have to roll randomly to move whenever a token was drawn from the bag. At the end of five turns - at dawn - whoever controlled the three objectives (having a model within 3" and no enemy models within 3") would win.

The ronin warband stealthily approached under the cover of darkness. My own soldiers managed to clump up in the center due to the random movement.

A musket-armed ashigaru stumbled across the approaching enemies, but was silently cut down by the ninja.

The alarm was raised when one of the ashigaru groups spotted the ronin to the north of the compound. Harley's ronin leader and ninja continued to creep around the other side as their followers caused a distraction.

As the fighting thickened, the ronin leader struck, killing the ashigaru sergeant with his massive tetsubo. Several failed tests of nerve cleared the objective. A ronin contested the second objective, while the ninja secured the third.

Harley's fortune reversed in the final turn, however. With the whole of my warband aware of the attack, I was able to contest two of the objectives (with my samurai dueling with the ronin leader, and a group of spearmen attacking the ninja), and take control of the third with my archers killing the lone ronin.

This was a close game that only swung my way in the very last turn. We found the rolls for random movement to be fun (although rolling 2d6 seemed a bit much - one group of spearmen seemed to sprinting from one side of the compound to the other for no reason), and the Darkness rules allowed for Harley's warband to advanced to close range without worrying about taking fire from my archers or musketman.

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