Friday, January 12, 2018

Chaos Dwarves vs. Orcs, League Game - Blood Bowl AAR

My opponent for this game was Mike and his Orc team.

After my beating from Bruce, the difference in team value between Mike's team and mine was so great that I was able to by Morg 'N' Thorg!

The teams set up, with Mike winning the toss and deciding to kick. The ball landed back in my endzone.

With a blizzard raging, my team basically fumbled the ball constantly. Neither Morg nor my Sure Hands Hobgoblin could pick the ball up from the pitch. Mike even managed to slip a few Orcs around my line and grabbed the ball. He was only stopped from scoring by Morg's blocking.

The teams set back up for the second half with the Dwarves kicking off.

In a surprise twist, I managed to not only get the ball out of the Orcs' hands, but then ran it in for a touchdown with a Bull Centaur!

With only a few more turns, the Dwarves kicked off again. A failed block with no rerolls left Mike's team in the lurch. Amazingly, I then managed to get an unskilled Hobgoblin past the Orc line and in possession of the ball. Mike attempted to block the Hobgoblin with the Orc Thrower. However, an Attacker Down resulted in not only a casualty, but a touchdown as well. I had somehow managed to win 2-0!

This was an insane game. By all rights, Mike's higher strength and Mighty Blow filled roster should have blasted apart my team. Sometimes the dice treat you well, and this was one of those games. I managed to pull through with only a single player missing the next game (with a Niggling Injury as well, but that's not so bad for a Dirty Player Hobgoblin), and another Chaos Dwarf picked up Mighty Blow.

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