Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Who Brought the Big Guns? - Warhammer 40k AAR

With Warhammer 40,000's 8th edition release, Kevyn and I have been drawn back by its siren's call. The rules seem alright, although we're somewhat wary of some of the stuff we've seen on other tables. 

The scenario was Big Guns Never Tire and deployment was Dawn of War. We were playing with the combined 7th and 8th edition starter sets. Kevyn had Chaos and Death Guard, while I was playing with Dark Angels backed by Primaris Marines.

I finished deploying first, and Kevyn failed to steal the first turn.

My units shuffled forward into cover and took potshots where they could. The forces of chaos charged forward, returning fire.

Both sides continued to exchange fire. The Deathwing Terminators teleported behind the Chaos lines and fired on the Sorcerer and Cultists protecting one of the Objectives.

The battle essentially turned into three engagements. A Chaos force led by a Lord and supported by Chosen, Cultists, and and Hellbrute assaulted an objective held by a Tactical Squad and Ravenwing Bikers.

In the Center, a Plague Drone and Poxwalkers bore down on the main contingent of Marines - the Captain, Librarian, and Primaris Lieutenants with two Intercessors and a Hellblaster squad (funnily enough, the only Heavy Support option on either side).

The Deathwing Terminators sprinted into combat (after rolling an 11 for their charge distance). They tore through the Cultists and the Chaos psyker.

As the game neared it's conclusion, the score was still almost even. Kevyn's assault on the objective on the left side was complete after annihilating the Marines defending it. But the Deathwing had also secured the objective they had attacked, and the Plague Drone and Poxwalkers had been killed.

The game came down to a single Primaris Lieutenant who attempted to grab an objective in the last turn. Kevyn's Lord of Contagion wasn't having any of that, first slaughtering the last of the Intercessors, and then taking the head of the Lieutenant off with his weapon.

The score was 8 to 7, with the Marines just managing to secure victory.

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