Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Painting Update - SW:A, ADLG

Here's what I've been working on since the last update. 

This group of Harlequins was my original choice for a kill team when the local gaming group started a Shadow War campaign in anticipation of Warhammer 40,000's 8th Edition, as I only needed a single box of miniatures. The team is headed by a Troupe Leader, backed up by a pair of Virutosos and three Players (or Mimes, the less experienced versions). I also picked up a Death Jester, who helped cover a couple of the Harlequins weaknesses - a lack of long range and large blast templates.

Of course, after a couple weeks, the group realized that the Harlequins seemed far too powerful, and so they were put on the sidelines in favor of an Ork mob.

I've also been working on a Free Company force for L'Art de la Guerre. This is the general's command - heavy knights supported by a couple units of light infantry with crossbows. The light infantry can move as quickly as the knights, so they're useful for covering and attacking flanks in combat.

The second command is comprised of heavy infantry - foot knights and halberdiers. The javelin-armed light infantry provide cover from shooting for the unarmored halberdiers, and can act as flank support in combat.

The third command is the smallest and comprises the ranged elements in the force. These English Longbowmen are Elite and reduce the protection of units they're shooting. They're not great in combat, however, so this is a command that will need to keep away from the enemy or place them in terrain that will offer some bonuses.


  1. The Free Company look very nice! Slowly working on my Condottieri army for ADLG.


    1. Looking forward to playing against them. I need to start on some terrain.