Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Camel Dervish - ADLG AAR

This past weekend I took a trip over to On Military Matters to play a game of ADLG with Dennis, the store's owner. 

Dennis' Sumerians won the initiative roll and elected to attack. My Free Company had three commands consisting of knights, heavy swordsmen, and longbowmen. The Sumerian commands had camel-mounted archers, heavy spearmen, and a mixed group of heavy chariots and medium spearmen.

Both sides advanced. The camels got within bow range of the knights and managed a few hits.

As the infantry stand off, the knights continued to chase after the camels.

Here's where I think I made a mistake (apart from, as usual, deployment) - I took a turn to try and rally the disorder from the knights instead of moving after the camels. This gave Dennis the opportunity to move some infantry from the middle command over and threaten the knights, drawing one of them off.

The knights kicked their mounts back into motion, leaving one unit behind to be swarmed by Sumerian spearmen.

The camels, forced to the edge of the table, split into two groups, forcing the knights to split up. Tired of waiting, the Free Company's heavy infantry started to advanced on the Sumerian infantry.

Unfortunately, the camels were able to take the knights apart with support from the diverted infantry. The Sumerian heavy infantry turned and retreated, along with the chariots, as the medium infantry moved into the flanks of the longbowmen.

At this point, I conceded. I was more than halfway to my breakpoint, and I knew that my own heavy infantry wouldn't get into combat before Dennis would be able to chew up my longbowmen with his medium infantry and chariots.


  1. Nice looking game, impressive lines of battle...

    1. Thanks, though I wish a couple of those lines had gotten into combat.