Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Camp Curry - ADLG AAR

Chris, Carl, Bob and I decided to play a 300 point game of ADLG this past Sunday. Bob and Carl were commanding a Tamil Indian army, while Chris and I led a Brutus-Cassius Alliance Roman force. 

The field of battle consists of a coastline blocking one flank, a gentle hill on the Roman right flank, and three fields on the Indian side.

The attacking Indians had three commands of Elephants and their accompanying light infantry screen, and a massive command of bowmen, elite impetuous medium swordsmen, and a pair of light chariots.

The defending Romans had three commands of elite Legionaries with light infantry, and a command of light horses with some medium cavalry backing them up.

The first turn saw both armies moving forward.

A pair of Roman-allied light horse were chased off by the mass of Indian bowmen, while the light forces on both sides exchanged fire with arrows, slings and javelins.

The two armies closed. The light horse and medium cavalry continued to harass the Indian flank. A light chariot was forced into combat, unable to retreat due to the coastline, but managed to beat the legionaries in combat. In the center, a charge from the Elephants came just sort of the Roman infantry, who charged in against the massive beasts.

Progress on the flanks grounded to a halt, with the cavalry unwilling to commit to combat and the mass of bowmen slowly advancing. In the center, however, the Elephants had apparently walked into a mass of man-sized blenders, as three of the elephants fell in combat.

The Roman cavalry was forced to commit, as continuing to evade would leave the Roman camp open to attack. The center was clear of most Indian units, but the Roman lines were in disarray. Incredibly, the Light Chariot was still holding up the Romans by the coast.

Indian swordsmen charged through the bowmen as the Romans attempted to reform their lines. A lone Roman-allied light horse fled a charging elephant. The horsemen realized, then, that the Indian camp was completely undefended.

The light chariot gone, the Romans on the left finally prepared to get stuck in - only for the Indian bowmen to rout a Legionary unit and bring another close to breaking. On the right, the Roman cavalry began to waver, hoping for reinforcements to arrive soon.

The lines of battle continued to adjust as the Romans attempted to shift their forces to the mass of Indian infantry.

The Roman-allied light horse finally managed to contact the camp, causing a massive morale loss. That, plus other routed units, pushed the Indians past their break point. It was a close match, however - had the dice not so heavily favored the Romans in the center at the beginning of the game, then the outcome would have been much different.

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