Friday, July 14, 2017

Shantytown Massacre - Strange Aeons AAR

After discovering last week that Kevyn had made a rather substantial purchase of Strange Aeons miniatures, we decided to get around to playing the game (also helping with my 6x6 challenge). We both created Threshold Lists, which we'll play while alternating control of the Lurkers. 

Kevyn offered to lead his Threshold team into the fray, and we rolled Fight for the scenario. We set the table up as a ramshackle shanty town in Nowhere, USA, where a cult had set itself up and created a ritual site.

Kevyn's Threshold team consisted of a Character, two Agents, and a Civilian. The Lurkers were members of the Cult of the Dying Light, with a Cult Leader, five cultists, and an Ancient Warrior that the cult had resurrected.

The goal of the scenario was simple - kill the other side!

The Cult Leader, covered by two .22 pistol wielding followers, advanced behind the shambling Ancient Warrior. Due to it's skeletal frame and unnatural physicality, the undead monstrosity shrugged off the Threshold team's bullets.

The Ancient Warrior lurched into contact with one of the Threshold Agents, who managed to pass her Resolve test to withstand the fear-inducing Lurker.

But the Ancient Warrior's claws made quick work of the Agent. Her companion, unable to stand the sight of flayed and brutalized flesh and bone, fell to the ground, catatonic.

The Threshold Character, cursing his bad luck, hunkered behind a fence and fired his .45 at the Ancient Warrior. Ignoring the bullets, the undead Lurker attacked the catatonic Agent, removing her from play.

Finally, the .45's hollowpoint round managed to connect, tearing the monster to shreds.

But now the Threshold Character had to deal with the remaining cultists.

One cultist's advance put him within charge range of the Threshold Character, and the government agent leaped onto the servant of darkness, cutting him down with his knife.

Unwilling to close, the remaining cultists (not counting those who never got beyond their starting positions) starting to shoot at the Character.

After several rounds of shooting, the Character caught a bullet and fell. The remaining member of the Threshold team - a mere Civilian - decided to run for it.

The Threshold team retreated and treated their wounded, while the Cult of the Dying Light went back to their dark machinations. Only time would tell if the Threshold could put a stop to their nefarious plans...

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