Monday, July 17, 2017

Oh, Shiny! - Strange Aeons AAR

Following last week's game, Kevyn and I switched sides. We rolled for the scenario and got Treasure Hunt.

In a strangely familiar shantytown in Somewhere Else, USA, another Threshhold team was searching for a powerful artifact that someone had tipped them off about. But a sect of the Cult of the Dying Light was in the area, also looking for the treasure.

The Threshold Team was led by a Character with two Agents, while the Lurkers had a Cult Leader and three Cultists (although one had a battleaxe and light armor).

Both sides spent their first turns hunkered down, waiting until they could start searching in earnest (at the start of Turn 3).

Kevyn attempted to sneak his battleaxe wielding cultist into charge range. But one of the Threshold Agent's wasn't going to sit by and wait, so she ran out and gave the cultists both barrels of her shotgun, blowing the Lurker into grisly chunks.

Both sides were searching desperately as shots rang out.

One cultist charge the shotgun-wielding Agent, not realizing that she was as handy with a knife as she was with a firearm.

It was one of the Cultists who finally found the treasure, eliciting a cry of triumph from the Cult Leader. The Threshold Agents rushed forward, not willing to let the cultists get away with the objective.

The Threshold Character opened fire with his Tommy Gun, downing the cultist carrying the Treasure.

The Threshold team's assault pays off, with the Cult Leader and the remaining Cultist cut down.

Victorious, the Threshold Agents return with the Treasure, which turns out to be a Ring of Power. They also recover a Map Piece.

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