Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Final Campaign - SAGA AAR

Unable to stop the Vikings at the river crossing, Louis was forced to take up a defensive position at a nearby town. The ramshackle wall provided some defense, and its gate was reinforced by the defenders. A single unit of knights was tasked with outflanking the Vikings, hoping to strike at some point during the northmen's assault. 

As the crossbowmen waited in cover, the Vikings approached the wall, eager to get the battle over with and return home before the winter became too unbearable.

The Viking hearthguard advanced. The crossbowmen fired volley after volley, hoping to take down some of the enemy before they could reach the gate. Floki, seeing some of the Norman knights had gone missing, held his warriors back.

The Vikings continued to advance on the gate.

One unit of Viking hearthguard fell, as the other began hacking and beating at the gate.

Louis held his men back, hoping his reinforcements would arrive before the gate fell.

The sound of thundering hooves announced the arrival of the knights, who ran down the surprised and unguarded Floki.

But even as the Viking Warlord was run down, the gate fell. The Vikings' roars of victory quickly turned to cries of surprise as the other Norman knights charged, forcing the northmen back. A unit of Viking warriors was also felled by the Norman reinforcements.

Incensed by the attack, the Viking Hearthguard leaped back into the fray, trading blows before being routed. With only a single unit of Viking warriors remaining, the northerners decided to retreat. Floki was found and dragged away from the burh.

Despite this final win, the Vikings won the campaign with a massive score of 12 victory points to the Norman's 4. Floki would return home to fame and fortune, while Louis was forced to slink back to his lands to deal with the ongoing revolt.


  1. An atmospheric and great looking terrain for this final game, congrats to the Vikings for their campaing victory!

    1. Thanks for reading! I'll pass the accolades onto Kevyn when I get the chance.

  2. Very neat looking tiny cottages. A very nice post. BB

    1. Thanks! The buildings are the anglo-danish set from 4Grounds, and are fantastic.