Monday, June 19, 2017

Endgame - Shadow War: Armageddon AAR

For the final week, the various gangs fighting in Armageddon came together for one final battle. 

This seven player game saw Orks, Chaos, Grey Knights, Skitarii, Inquisition, Tau, and a Vindicare Assassin, with alliances and betrayals constantly shifting as player's fortunes rose and fell with the dice. The last remaining kill team on the table (apart from the Vindicare) would be the campaign's overall winner

The early part of the game saw most of the combat focus on John's Chaos, easily the scariest of the factions on the table thanks to its equipment and skill. Meanwhile, the Skitarii and Inquisition warbands skirmished with the Tau. The Chaos kill team was the first to bottle due to casualties.

As the game progressed, the focus shifted to the Orks, who had managed to escape attention up until that point. Once the guns were turned on the greenskins, however, their numbers quickly began to dwindle.

The Tau bottled next, and the remaining Grey Knights were killed off and removed from the table. Once their Nob fell, the Orks also retreated, leaving only the Skitarii with a single model, and the Inquisition with two. The Vindicare ended up taking a shot at the lone Mechanicum soldier, taking him out with a Hellfire round and ending the game with the Inquisition winning the campaign.

It was a fun game and campaign, and it has energized the group for the arrival of 8th Edition (which I will not be taking part of, but I wish them the best).


  1. Sounds like a fun game. I'm looking forward to playing around with Shadow War at some point. The best part is I already have lots of models painted.

    1. Definitely a fun game, and very easy to paint up models. Unfortunately for me, I had moved on to other projects when I had to drop the Harlequins, so the Orks stayed gray.