Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ride the Tide - Shadow War: Armageddon AAR

Last Wednesday, the SWAg group gathered for the last night before the big "end game."

Mike and I showed up first, and we rolled the Ambush scenario, with the Orks surprising a group of Grey Knights in the ruins of a hive.

The sheer weight of fire from the Orks (and some poor rolling on Mike's part) saw all of the Grey Knights fall over the course of the battle, apart from the Terminator Mike had hired. It was only towards the end of the battle that Mike realized the Orks had no guns or close-combat weapons that could hurt the Terminator. The walking tank lumbered out of the ruins, psycannon blasting away at Orks in cover and daemonhammer turning the charging boys into piles of steaming, crimson jelly. It was only a failed bottle test that likely managed to save the Orks from losing the game.

I then played against John and his Chaos warband in a Kill Team Fight.

This was a long, drawn out affair with plenty of casualties as both sides engaged with tons of lead and flashing blades. The game ended when the Orks failed a bottle check while the Chaos warband had only a single Cultist still up.

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