Wednesday, June 7, 2017

One on One - SAGA AAR

After a break, Kevyn and I met up to continue our Age of the Wolf campaign. 

We decided to play the Challenge scenario, where a confrontation between Floki and Louis turned violent. We used the terrain rules in the book, which gave us a forest, rough ground, and a gentle slope.

For the first turn, both warbands advanced in support of their warlords. Floki charged the mounted Norman warlord, dealing a couple wounds and forcing Louis back. The Norman crossbowmen took aim at Floki, but the Viking leader nimbly dodged the bolts.

With Floki's ability to reduce the Norman's SAGA dice for the beginning turns of the game, the Normans were slow in getting to grip with the Vikings. Louis charged in against Floki with a unit of mounted Hearthguard, but were forced back.

Grinning and laughing maniacally, Floki again charged Louis, but had a unit of Viking hearthguard with him. The Vikings landed another series of savage blows on Louis, bringing him down to only five wounds remaining.

The Normans countered, their horses trampling the Viking warlord and dealing eight wounds in one turn!

But the Vikings were in a blood frenzy, and Floki had a fresh unit of hearthguard at his back. He was able to deal enough damage to finally take Louis down, winning the game for the Vikings.

Louis ended up with a serious injury, losing an Attack for the rest of the campaign. Both warlord had managed to amass enough power to become Athelings, setting them up for the next two games in the campaign.

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