Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pining for the Fords - SAGA AAR

With their Warlord injured and winter settling over the lands, the Normans were forced to retreat from the Viking's onslaught. But Floki wasn't about to let his opponent slip away.

The two forces met at an abandoned village, with its fields untended and covered by snow. A river, flowing fast enough to keep from freezing but still deadly cold, meant that both warbands would need to cross by the flat bridges.

Thank's to Floki's Penny ability, the Normans were forced to sit back and watch as the Viking shield wall advanced.

The Vikings set foot on the bridges, axes and swords thumping against their shields.

Mutual destruction followed a clash between Norman and Viking hearthguards on the right.

The Vikings continued to move across the bridges. As Louis led a hearthguard unit forward, another unit of knights charged into a group of Viking warriors. Both sides were bloodied by the combat.

Bodies of men and horses continued to pile up around the bridges. Both sides had lost most of their hearthguard, with only the Warlord and a few warriors remaining.

Louis was left alone on the right side of the village while Floki faced down a unit of crossbowmen with a lone remaining warrior.

As the Viking Warrior ducked behind a house and Floki savaged the crossbowmen, the game ended with the Vikings winning, 4 victory points to 3.

With another loss, the peasants in the area revolted. The resulting loss in men and reputation, along with casualties suffered, dealt a major blow to Louis' power in the region. Floki, on the other hand, continued to bask in his repeated victories.

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