Friday, June 9, 2017

Feeling Green - Shadow War: Armageddon AAR

With the Harlequins shelved, it was up to Gutchoppa and his mob of boyz to take the fight to the ruins of Armageddon. 

My first game was against John and his Chaos kill team. The mission was Hit and Run, with the Orks attacking. My kill team needed to destroy a Promethium tank that John had placed atop the landing pad. 

The Orks managed to destroy the tank in the first turn thanks to a full-auto blast from a Spanner with a big shoota. The Orks then scrambled to get off the table as more Chaos Marines moved onto the table. Half the kill team was taken out in close combat with the servants of the Dark Gods, but as the greenskins managed to avoid bottling, they technically "won" the mission. And that's the best kind of winning.

I then faced Zach and his Inquisition warband. We rolled up Ambush, with the Orks defending. The Orks failed to counter-ambush, and had to crowd into the middle of the table.

The game went back and forth, with the Inquisition taking the first bottle check. But the Inquisitor kept his retinue in line, engaging the Ork Nob in close combat. Eventually the Orks' nerve failed, and the greenskins broke, leaving the Inquisition victorious.

Next was Chris and his Skitarii. The game was Kill Team Fight.

Both sides engaged with long-range fire. The Orks got lucky and managed to take out the Skitarii sniper in the first turn. The Nob led most of the Kill team around the right side of the table, but the Mechanicum soldiers bottled before the Orks could get stuck in.

The last game was against Bill and his Chaos. We got Kill Team Fight for the scenario.

The game went quickly, with Chaos Bottling after three of their members (two Marines and a Cultist) went down to the Orks' wall of lead.

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