Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Painting Update - WWII, 40k

While the local slow grow Bolt Action league has started, I was focused more on learning the rules than taking pictures so I didn't take any pictures to make an after-action report. 

However, I did finish up a few support pieces for my platoon. 

The panzerschreck is a little overkill for 500 point games (it's not like anyone is bringing tanks, and even armored cars aren't showing up), but it will be useful when the games start getting larger.

The flamethrower, however, is a beauty in small games, especially when used in scenarios that allow outflanking. It's always a surprise to the enemy when the two-man team appears halfway down a flank, opens fire (pun intended), and routs an entire unit in one go. I'm also proud of how well the flames turned out.

The last models for my Slow Grow Germans were another officer (who can act as a Captain if I ever need a higher officer) and a medic. I don't see medics get used very often in Bolt Action, but it's a nice addition to have.

My local game store is going to have a painting competition using some Primaris freebies. I don't play 40k, but I hopped in anyway. So I chose to paint the mini as a Rainbow Warrior (yes, that's a Chapter in the universe).


  1. Rainbow Warriors are a classic straight from the Original Rogue Trader rulebook. Supposedly, they were an "in-joke" related to some famous Green Peace incident that was a big deal in the 80's..... but I think the theory maybe a bit of a stretch. Who knows!

    1. Dunno! But it's a fun enough and bright color scheme that was fun for a one-off.

      I didn't win, but the competition had some great entries!