Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Painting Update - ACW, WWII

The painting continues!

I've restarted progress on my 10mm ACW project. With the Union finished for now, I need to get the Confederates painted up. I started with two mounted commanders and four regiments of infantry. 

I'm not going to drive myself insane trying to mix and match the infantry's clothing at 10mm, so I'm just doing it by regiment. These first four regiments are either entirely gray, or gray with brown hats. 

The Bolt Action slow grow league continues. I was looking to add another squad of infantry, but I wanted something different from the overdone Fallschirmjager or Waffen-SS squads. So I picked up a Luftwaffe Field Division box. The picture unfortunately washed out a lot of the blue from the miniatures. 

I also picked up one of Wargames Illustrated "Giants in Miniature," Captain K. It's an ersatz copy of Captain Klenzendorf from Taika Waititi's Jojo Rabbit. Which, by the way, is worth watching. 

The pandemic and lockdown has made requisitioning reinforcements for my platoon very difficult. We're getting to the point where tanks and armored cars are going to be more prevalent, so a captured M4 Sherman (that was going to be used for What a Tanker and painted in olive drab) was instead pressed into service with the Wehrmacht and dubbed K├Ątzchen.

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