Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Miniature Musings - The Invasion of Poland, 1939

While I've had hobby projects planned for this year, it seems that they've been usurped by my promise to fellow SJGA member Sam to participate in a campaign based on the 1939 Invastion of Poland at the outset of World War II using Bolt Action.

Sam has apparently already amassed quite the collection of Polish infantry, guns, and vehicles, so I will need to put together a matching company using both my own miniatures and those from fellow commanders.

Luckily, Warlord has a good range of Early War Germans, and there are plenty of other manufacturers as well.

I've also put together a simple three linked game campaign chart that we could use, inspired by Steve Balagan's work:

It's fairly straightforward. The only concern is that the rules for Bolt Action assume a "fair fight" of equal points value, which may be difficult to do if we're going to make this a fight between two companies. I'll be discussing this with other club members. 

There's also the potential of using the ladder campaign system from TooFatLardies' At the Sharp End supplement for Chain of Command. It probably wouldn't be too hard to adapt to Bolt Action.

Another idea I've had is to add certain elements from Platoon Forward, written by Joseph Legan and also published by TooFatLardies. It's a system-independent set of rules to "add personality to your tactical level games" - perfect for Bolt Action. There's command traits, in-game events, and simple reinforcement rules to add a little flavor to the games.  

Also, I've been looking into reading material to cover the campaign:

Case White: The German Army in the Polish Campaign, William Russ
Case White: The Invasion of Poland 1939, Robert Forczyk
First to Fight: The Polish War 1939, Roger Moorhouse
Poland 1939: The Birth of Blitzkrieg, Steven Zaloga
September Campaign + Poland in Flames compilation, Alexander Kawczynski

So look forward to seeing plenty of 1939 German infantry and equipment in the upcoming painting updates!

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