Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Lawn Care - Warhammer Fantasy: Renaissance AAR

With restrictions lifting in the state, I was able to head out to the local game store and finally get a game of Warhammer Renaissance with my Orcs & Goblins. 

So with mask on and hand sanitizer in my pocket, I packed up my minis and tape measure for the first game I've played in three months!

Nick and I decided on a 1,500 point game.

My Orcs & Goblins warband had six regiments, with Orc Boyz, Black Orcs, Night Goblins, Boar Boyz, and Wolf Riders. They were accompanied by a couple Black Orc heroes, a couple Goblin shamans, and a spear chukka.

Nick's army was much smaller, with most of the points going into a very scary unit of Chaos Warriors of Khorne and a Chaos Warlord. There was also a unit of Bloodletters, a Chaos Chariot, and a Chaos Spawn.

We used the Take the Field scenario, where one of use would need to control the forest in the center, or have the most troops in each four quadrants of the table.

Most of the fighting went down in the middle of the table. Nick's Bloodletters reach the forest first, but I managed to charge them in the rear with my Orc Boyz after they were moved by the Hand of Gork.

My Night Goblins survived long enough to deploy their Fanatics, which killed the Chaos Spawn that lured the mushroom-frenzied loonies out and even killed a few Chaos Warriors. But the regiment was routed by the Chaos Chariot, and two Fanatics killed each other when they unfortunately collided.

The Chaos Warriors went through my Black Orcs like weed-whackers, sending dark green chunks flying everywhere.

The Bloodletters sent my Orc Boyz fleeing after the General was killed in a challenge, which left only my second unit of Orc Boyz and my Battle Standard Bearer to contest the forest. They were quickly flanked by both the Chaos Chariot (which had dodged the spear chukka's poorly aimed bolts) and the Chaos Warlord.

With the Bloodletters joining the fray, it wasn't long until the last of the greenskins were obliterated, and the forest was solidly in Nick's control. We didn't need to tally up the victory points to know that Nick had won a solid victory.

This was my first game in over three months - my last game were at Cold Wars back in early March. I had been worried that I was approaching a hobby burnout and I wasn't enjoying any of the games I was playing. I had planned to take a multi-month break, which just so happened to coincide with the lockdown.

Turns out, it's exactly what I needed. Even with the rules referencing, I was glad to be back at the table, rolling dice and moving my toy soldiers again. I'm looking forward to more gaming, depending on how the pandemic turns out. This may or may not be wishful thinking in hindsight!


  1. Good to see someone is getting games in!

    1. Ah, summer. Back before the second wave, if the first one ever actually stopped...

      By the way, I just realized that I had set my comment section to moderated but never gave it an email to send alerts to, so I'm catching up!