Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Painting Update - Battletech, WWII

Here's whats come off the painting table since last time.

A lot of the fiction coming out of the Battletech universe at the moment is set in the "current" era, which is moving from the Dark Age to IlClan. Inspired, I wanted to paint a lance of mechs from this era. I wanted a mixed lance of medium and heavy mechs, since I find light mechs too fragile and assault mechs too boring.

From left to right, the mechs are: Carronade CRN-7M, Kheper KHP-7R, Lament LMT-2R, and Gauntlet GTL-1OB.

The local hobby shop is starting a Bolt Action slow grow league, and I decided to join with some Late War Germans.

If you haven't heard of slow grow leagues, they're ways for a community to build up collections for a game. Players start with small forces, and purchase and paint new miniatures over time. Hopefully this encourages fully painted forces by the end of a set period, maybe with a tournament or other big event.

Now, you may be thinking, Didn't you already have 28mm Germans for Konflikt 47? And yes, I did. But I ended up selling them when I lost my enthusiasm for the game to someone in the local community.

Plus, this lets me put together a platoon for other games like Chain of Command.

This also gave me the opportunity to use different basing materials for a better visual element to the miniatures, and I think they look a lot better compared to my Konflikt 47 Germans.

I'm aiming for a standard platoon (according to Chain of Command) with plenty of options, like a mortar, a medium-machine gun, panzerschreck, flamethrower, etc.

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