Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Painting Update - AWI

The painting continues! Here's what I've been working on since last time. 

Any British force in the Horse & Musket era will need its flank companies. So to accompany the regulars are a unit of Grenadiers, with combined facings to match their parents units.

I also used the same color scheme to paint the light infantry.

And that's a project completed! The only thing I can think to add at the moment would be limbers for the artillery, but I think this offers a good representation of British and American forces for use with Rebels & Patriots. Now I just need to actually play the game!

Of course, any wargame could use some terrain, so I had previously ordered some buildings from Stone Mountain Miniatures. This is where all the miniatures for my AWI project came from, so I thought I'd go back for the buildings.

At around $7-$15 apiece, these 15mm buildings are pretty well detailed and only required minimal cutting and sanding to make them ready for priming and painting.

With these and some handmade snake rail fencing, I've everything I would need to make an 18th century American battlefield.

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