Monday, March 25, 2019

Painting Update - Mordheim, Warmaster

It's been a while since I've posted a painting update, so here's a look at what I've been doing since the last one. 

Also, this is the first painting update I've done with a lightbox. Please let me know if it improves the images at all!

I painted a Mordhiem warband for a campaign that started earlier this year. I liked the look and theme of the Outlaws of Stirwood Forest. They're a fun bunch of range-focused models that can take a Warrior Priest. His Prayers of Sigmar have been extremely useful so far.

I've also finished my Dogs of War army for Warmaster!

This first brigade consists of four units of Knights - heavy cavalry with good armor that can deal a lot of damage on the charge, but still grind through combat if they're not flanked.

My artillery brigade consists of two Galloper Guns - lighter guns than Empire Cannons with less range but better movement speed - and two units of Dwarf Warriors.

And pikes! This Pikemen brigade is one of the unique features of the Dogs of War list. Pikes are based like cavalry, and count as defended when being charged by cavalry in the first round of combat. However, I found that they were almost always better on the offense. While their armor isnt' great, they can put out an intimidating amount of attacks on the charge.

Since the Dogs of War list forces you to take four units of Crossbowmen, I decided to back them up with combat units. This brigade has two units of Ogres supporting the ranged units.

And this brigade has two units of halberdiers, which can be fielded either as cheaper Swordsmen, or better armored Marauders.

And finally, the commanders and the monster! The old Dogs of War list had a Tuska - i.e., a mammoth/elephant equivalent - but this has been replaced by a Giant in the Revolution list.

The Commanders consists of a General, a Hero on a Griffon, a Paymaster with his Paywagon, and two Wizards.

You'll see the army in action in two more upcoming battle reports, and I plan to use it again at Fall In! this year.

Also, this counts as one of my five armies for my painting goal!

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