Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Cold Wars 2019, Dogs of War vs. Skaven - Warmaster Revolution AAR

My second opponent was Karl and his massive Skaven army. It had 30 units and had a break point of 15, compared to my 20 units, break point 10 force!

The scenario was Breakthrough. As the attacker, Karl had to get as many of his units withing 30cm of the opposite edge of the table (my side) before the end of six turns. As the defender, I would have to prevent this, or break Karl's army.

Since the Skaven can field brigades of more than four units (what's normally allowed in Warmaster), Karl had his army move in massive blocks of furry bodies.

Having played on a similar table against Dave in last year's tournament, I knew I wanted to be in the fields. It'd be difficult to issue orders to the units within, but they'd be defended against enemy attacks. So I aggressively moved my brigades up the table, with my knights moving the furthest.

As my pike brigade slid to the right, and the ratmen approached, my knights struck out. I managed to destroy a doomwheel and do some damage to the Skaven brigade on the right.

However, the Skaven returned the favor and wiped out most of my knights, apart from a single units that I managed to pull back.

I could only watch as the massive Skaven brigades began to split and move to outflank my artillery brigade on the left.

My knights managed to bring vengeance to the Skaven, flanking and destroying the remaining doomwheel and hitting the flank of some clanrats and jezzails.

And in the center, my ogres charged in and sent the skaven reeling. The pushback managed to destroy the Screaming Bell at the same time.

My artillery brigade sat and waited for the Skaven to come, betting that the rest of the army could break the enemy before too much damage could be done.

On the right, Karl sent in his plague monks against my pikemen. With Death Frenzy cast on them, the plague-ridden monks put out a ludicrous amounts of attacks. My pikemen managed to weather the storm, however, and used their weapons to poke holes into the Skaven, wiping them out.

As expected, my artillery brigade was flanked and locked into combat.

But my ogres came through and did enough damage to finally break Karl's army before he could reach the objective zone. My Dogs of War got their first victory.


  1. Always liked Warmaster.....


    1. It's a fun game and the Revolution version does a lot to fix the problems in the original rule set. I just got done backing a 10mm Demon army on Kickstarter, so that's my next project.