Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Painting Update - Shatterlands, Konflikt 47, DBA

Here's a look at what I've finished painting recently. 

Shatterlands was one of the games I demoed at Cold Wars in March. I liked both the background and the actual mechanics of the rules. Additionally, the miniatures were also quite nice.

The six on the left are from the Dumah Starter set (normally five, but I received a free miniature for participating in the game), and the five on the right are from the Rapani starter set.

I also finished a group of Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry for Konflikt 47, complete with two LMGs.

I'm glad to have finished the heavies, since they're extremely versatile on the table. A small squad of five with two LMGs can sit on an objective and hold back waves of infantry, while a full squad armed with assault rifles can march across the table, mostly unhindered by enemy fire.

The only drawback is a lack of anti-armor weaponry, apart from a pair of single-use panzerfausts. There is a separate panzerschreck team, but since K47 hasn't adopted the second edition Bolt Action's shaped charge rules change, it's not worth the points sink. 

My Ancient British needed an appropriate enemy, and my collection of figures was lacking an Early Imperial Roman force, so I finally got around to completing a 15mm DBx army from Rebel Minis (with a couple Nubians from another manufacturing that I can't recall, unfortunately). I also finished the second 15mm camp to match the first for a red vs. blue aesthetic.

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