Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A River Runs Around It - Konflikt 47 AAR

Recently I've joined a "builder" league at Half Day Studio for Konflikt 47, in the hopes of getting more people interested in the game. This week was the second in the 500 point section, and next week we'll move on to 750, with Armored Cars allowed. 

My last game was against Keith and his British Airborne force, playing the Top Secret mission. Here, a vital piece of intelligence/technology/personnel crash lands in the middle of the table, and both sides need to capture the objective and move it off the table. 

The game begins with no units on the table, apart from units like Keith's artillery observer and my sniper team. Units need to come on via reserve rolls (a 2d6 test against their morale with a -1 modifier).

The first turn was mostly spent with both sides trying to deploy from reserves. Keith had the advantage in both unit number and speed, since his pair of jeeps could cover a lot of ground very quickly.

As Keith's jeeps laid down covering fire, his infantry advanced into the open middle area, hoping to find refuge in the ruins of a strange looking aircraft, which also contained the objective.

My shocktroopers and heavy infantry managed to chase off the jeep defending the bridge, but not before the British artillery officer managed to call in a strike against my troops in the ruins of the farm. While it didn't cause any casualties, it did place multiple pin markers on my sniper team (reduced to a single man from the jeep's MMG) and on my small LMG infantry squad.

Keith did manage to get one of his infantry units into contact with the objective, but that also meant place it directly in front of most of my own units, and the British infantry section was hammered with pin markers and casualties.

While I did manage to rout the first infantry unit holding the objective, Keith was able to get another in base contact. I couldn't do enough damage to keep the British from moving off the objective and handing it off to the artillery officer, who was in a position to quickly move off the table. I conceded the game, acknowledging that there was nothing I could do to stop Keith.

It was a fun game that seemed to hang in the balance until the last couple turns. I'm looking forward to bumping up the points to 750, which will allow for more options.

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