Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Pillars of the Community - Gangs of Rome AAR

Last week, Bill and I had a chance to get our first regular game of Gangs of Rome. 

We played the Three Wise Men scenario, where both sides had to reach objectives located in the middle of the three tables edges other than their starting location - a representation of locals who would accept bribes to calm the angry populace of Rome. The first to do so, and not be in close combat with the opposing gang, would win.

We played a 100 points game, with four fighter per side. My fighter were universally lower in cost than Bill's, which meant that while their stats on the cards were objectively worst, I could take more Denarii. 

Bill's fighters managed to reach one objective and pass off their Bribe, preventing from touching it on the first turn.

Both sides managed to reach the other objective, while one of Bill's fighter split off and sprinted down the center of the table to try and reach the third objective.

I had brought Tisiphone (a named character in Gangs of Rome) to lead my gang, and I used her special ability to move off the table edge and re-appear somewhere else next turn. Meanwhile, my gladiator attempted to distract Bill's fighter - rather unsuccessfully, however.

On the other side of the table, just one of Bill's fighters was enough to halt both of my gang members.

The remaining fighter in Bill's ganged continued moving towards the remaining objective. I had to stop him to keep Bill from winning.

With the gladiator dispatched, Bill's fighter could only watch as his doppelganger moved to the far objective. Unfortunately, I had chosen my slowest fighter to use in a desperate attempt to reach the other side of the table.

Tisiphone reappeared, halting the opposing fighter's progress. But even her reputation in Rome's underworld didn't phase Bill's gang member, who gave Tisiphone a bloody wound for her trouble. Bill's two gangers on the right were busy mopping up the remnants of my gang. It was looking rather bad for me.

Bill's fighter managed to strike Tisiphone down, and moved into contact with the last objective. A simple breakaway from another of Bill's gang members meant that he met the conditions for victory, and secured a win. It seems as though it'll be some time before my gang can show their faces in this part of Rome again!

I'm glad I finally got a chance to play a full-sized game of Gangs of Rome. Denarii choice really opens up at this point, and Bill's terrain setup looks great. The only thing missing at the moment are more mobs, since they really seem to bring the table to life.

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