Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2017 6x6 Challenge - January

At the end of every month, I'll have a check in to list how I've been doing on my 6x6 Challenge choices.

Games Played in January

Warpfire Vagabonds vs Baltimork Corviks, League Game - Blood Bowl AAR

Baltimork Corviks vs Lustrian Hooters, League Game - Blood Bowl AAR


  1. Good work. I dabbled in Blood Bowl a few years ago, but haven't played it in quite a while. Your games sound fun.

    My goal is a minimum of 3 games per month so I don't get too far behind. I might get a few extra in at some point, but after a couple of false starts, I managed to get my 3rd game for January posted today.

    1. I'm aiming for the same amount of games per month. We've got an ongoing league at a local store, so that's helping fill the quota.