Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Warpfire Vagabonds vs. Baltimork Corviks, League Game - Blood Bowl AAR

We're in week 2 of the Stomping Grounds Blood Bowl League. Kevyn missed his first week - he can catch up at the end of the league during the bye week - so we decided to get together for this week optional match. In the league, teams have one scheduled game and one extra optional games per week that count towards SPP and Casualties. 

I won the toss, and decided to kick.

The ball landed in the center of the Vagabonds' half. A Linerat tried to block a Black Orc Blocker and was knocked down. The Corviks followed up by pushing over the line of scrimmage, sending a Vagabond to the KO box and one out of the game with a casualty.

A Skaven Thrower grabbed the ball and tossed it to a Gutter Runner, who tried getting through the Orc line. The dodge failed, and the Gutter Runner went down. The Orc Thrower tried picking the ball up, but failed.

The Vagabonds failed to pick up the ball, and couldn't manage to make an effect on the Orcs. The Orc Thrower finally nabbed the ball and scooted to the side of the field as the rest of his team beat down the ratmen, sending another two off, one each to the KO and casualty boxes.

The Vagabonds were stuck as the Corviks began to grind up the pitch. One Linerat is crowd-surfed back into the Vagabonds' reserve box.

As another two ratmen were knocked out, the Orc Thrower decided to make a break for the endzone.

Half the Vagabonds ended up in the KO box as the Orc Thrower approaches the endzone.

And the Corviks scored!

The teams set up with the Corviks kicking to the Vagabonds. Only half the KOs made is out of the box, leaving the Vagabonds at a deep player disadvantage.

With only a turn left until the end of the first half, the Vagabonds move back. The Orcs decide to hold back for a turn.

The teams set up for the second half, with the Vagabonds kicking to the Corviks. The Corviks manage to get a Quick Snap result, shifting around and towards the ball.

The Corviks pushed into the Vagabonds half as the Blitzers and Thrower set up a cage.

The ratmen looked for an opening as the Orc cage moved forward.

A Gutter Runner was sent to the casualty box as the Orcs pressed their numerical advantage.

The cage managed to shove its way deep into the Skaven half, as the Vagabonds were knocked to the floor.

And the Orc Thrower went in for second touchdown.

The teams set up again, with the Vagabonds setting up heavily to one side. The ball scattered to almost ending up on the Corviks' half.

The Vagabonds set up for a long pass in an attempt to get a point on the board.

The setup, however, left the ball-carrying Thrower wide open to a blitz from the Corviks. Suddenly the ball was down. Another Skaven was sent to the casualty box.

An Orc Blitzer scooped up the ball and started sprinting towards the endzone.

With the rest of the Vagabonds tied up dealing with the Orcs, the Blitzer scores, ending the game at 3-0 to the Corviks.

It was a tough game for Kevyn, but he managed to make it through relatively unscathed, with only one Gutter Runner missing the next game. My Corviks managed to accrue enough gold to buy another Blitzer to replace the one that died in a previous game.


  1. Really looks like you clubbed a baby seal there. Has this guy every played the game before? Looks like he started his first turn by throwing a 2 dice up hill block. And in the second turn he appears to have tried to dodge into 3 tackle zones. Those are both desperation type plays saved for the last second score or stop.

    1. If you check out our previous game, he tried the same kind of blocks and moves last time. He's new (I think this was his third game of tabletop Blood Bowl, not sure about the computer game), but doesn't seem to get that throwing two dice against blocks are a bad idea.

      On the plus side, this game didn't matter for league standings, and in my scheduled game this week (that does count towards standings) I lost 3-1 against the league's dark elf team when Nuffle cursed my dice rolling.