Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Baltimork Corviks vs. Lustrian Hooters, League Game - Blood Bowl AAR

With a couple coaches dropping from the league, there's been some reshuffling of schedules. Shawn and his Amazons needed an opponent for his scheduled game, so I took him up for my optional. 

I won the toss and elected to receive the ball for the first half.

But the Hooters got a Blitz on the kick-off table. While they shifted forward, a Linewoman missed his dodge roll and fell.

The Corviks put a few good punches in - knocking out an Amazon - and the thrower retrieved the ball and holed up in a partial cage.

The Amazons tried moving about, but another failed dodge roll against a Black Orc left the team flatfooted.

The cage began to move its way up the field.

The Hooters looked to slow down the Orcs, throwing players in the way of the cage and trying to break it.

But the Corviks pushed back, content to let the cage sit for a turn if it meant a chance to beat face.

The Amazons rushed in again, trying to reach the ball carrier.

But the cage finally managed to break free.

With a partially open cage, the Amazons managed to get a couple players in the scrum.

While the Orcs managed to bust the defending Amazons, a failed hand off between the Thrower and Blitzer meant an early turnover.

Suddenly, the Amazons were swarming around the ball. A failed blitz left the Amazon Thrower on the ground (thank goodness for blodging Orc Throwers!).

The Orcs tried breaking down Amazon's defense.

The Hooters kept the presser up, unable to get the ball, but staying on top of the Orcs.

Suddenly, the hand off worked, and an Orc Blitzer broke out of the mess.

Of course, he was quickly sent down to the ground. A failed pickup from the Amazons left the ball free on the pitch.

That ball was snapped up after a blitz, and a quick pass later saw a lucky Lineorc bring the ball in for a touchdown.

The teams reset for the (sans one Black Orc that was knocked out earlier), and the ball was kicked off.

After the break - and some roughly applied smelling salts - the Corviks kicked. The ball bounced off the field. An Amazon Blitzer on the far side of the field was given the ball.

The Hooters made a good showing, shoving the Orc line back and the ball up the pitch.

A few Corviks moved to intercept the ball carrier - knocking out two Amazons - until a Black Orc failed his block and went down.

The Amazons continued their drive up the field.

But a sideswipe from an Orc takes out the Unicorn, leaving the remaining Amazon Blitzer open. The Amazons, realizing that trying to get past the Orc line was a bad idea, tried a different approach. The Amazons, realizing that trying to get past the Orc line was a bad idea, tried a different if unsuccessful approach. After causing a casualty against a Black Orc (which I wasted my Apothecary on, for reasons later revealed), a long pass to a linewoman out in the open, who managed to catch the ball.

Unfortunately, the lone Amazon was surrounded and beaten to the dirt. Other Orcs moved in to get the cage ready.

Not wanting to leave the orcs unopposed, the Amazons moved in.

But the Corviks managed to get a cage together and started moving up the pitch.

Again, the Hooters had to try and break the cage, but were unable to do so.

And the Corviks managed to get one of their Blitzers free, sprinting up the pitch.

An Amazon caught the Orc, but only managed to shove him back a pace. Another Amazon tried getting up the field, but tripped, fell, and hurt herself.

In the next turn, the marking Amazon was pushed aside, and the Corviks scored another touchdown.

The team set up, and the Corviks kicked.

Deciding that revenge was the main goal, the Hooters managed to knock down, injure, and kill a Black Orc (whose result I had to take, thanks to the earlier wasted Apothecary). A failed pass ended the turn.

Unhappy, the Corviks pushed back.

The two teams scrambled for possession of the ball as the Hooters hoped to get a point on the board.

Unfortunately, the game ended before that could happen.

With that, the Corviks won, 2-0. It was a strategic victory to Shawn, however, thanks to the death of my Black Orc. I was forced to spend my winnings from the match on buying a replacement player, which further hindered my team development. I'm just hoping that my next game (against Norse) won't rock the boat too much!


  1. What is the Unicorn? Amazon have not had a unicorn on the roster for like a decade.