Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Painting Update - Squadhammer, Badgers & Burrows

 It's almost the end of the year, so here's one last look at what I've painted in the closing weeks of 2021.

I wanted to finished at least a small force of Astral Claws for my Squadhammer project. I added a Razorback to the mix to complement all of the infantry units I had done so far.

I also completed a Captain to lead the force. Combined with the rest (Tactical Marines, Dreadnought, Assault Marines), that should give me enough elements to play a decent game of Squadhammer and I can add more later on. 

My end-of-the-year meanderings also led me to finally pull out my small collection of Badgers & Burrows and get a starter warband painted. 

These are delightful miniatures to paint, full of character. I feel like I need to get more colors so I have more options for the rest of them!

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