Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Sons of Ulric - Mordheim AAR

We're back in the ruined streets of Mordheim again this week with another campaign game. 

This time I played against Ted and his Middenheimers. This was Ted's first game of the campaign, so the Mercenary warband was fresh against my more experience Outlaws, but the difference in Warband Rating wasn't enough to net Ted any underdog bonuses. 

Knowing he'd be facing off against a shooting warband, however, Ted did decided to equip his heroes with Wolfcloaks, which gives a +1 save against ranged attacks. This meant I was facing off against at least three heroes with 3+ saves!

The scenario was Wyrdstone Hunt, with three wyrdstone tokens on the table. We deployed on opposite edges and I had the first turn. 

With no ranged attacks coming back at me, I cautiously (although Ted would say cowardly) advanced my Outlaws forward and managed to grab one token with my Petty Thief. 

Confident in his armor saves, Ted moved his warband forward, grabbing the other two available and putting pressure on my warband. 

My Petty Thief and his guard were forced to retreat as an Outlaw was taken out by one group of Middenheimers.

While on the other side of the board, a sacrificied Outlaw meant my Champion was able to ambush one of Ted's Youngbloods and put him down. Ted's leader also fell from a constant barrage of arrows. After this loss, Ted decided to rout rather than keep moving towards my warband. 

While not the most pulse-pounding of games, Ted came out of the arrow-storm generally alright and didn't suffer any real losses. For my part, I had to replace an Outlaw that was killed, but scored poorly on my Rarity Rolls, so no Fire Arrows for the Rangers just yet. 

We did note that table might have had more open lanes than it should have, which meant my longbows could reach across the table fairly easily. 

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